Buskaid to play at BBC Proms

Buskaid musicians with dancersThe City of Johannesburg website reports that the Buskaid Orchestra of Soweto will be performing as part of the BBC Proms in London on Sunday 15 July.

Buskaid plays mainly classical music, with a fusion of classic pop and kwela.

You can find out more about Buskaid in the Kwela Project’s post “Unite with the Buskaid Soweto String Ensemble“.

Positively Testcard sign deal with Murdoch!

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Let’s do the Kwela - the Positively TestcardPostively Testcard, “South-East London’s premier whistle-driven afroskankabilly instrumental beat combo” emailed me with this scintillating fact (which is, indeed, more news-worthy than today’s other headline story) today. Their follow-up email included the relevant URL too :-) When I looked, there were two, complete tunes for our enjoyment – “Lemmy be The One” and “Twist with the Mum”