Lemmy Mabaso and Shell Spirit

As Al G pointed out in a comment to an earlier post about Lemmy Mabaso, Lemmy played on the soundtrack to a short film by Geoffrey Jones called Shell Spirit. This film can be found on YouTube (probably not for long though, as the film is part of a BFI compilation called ‘Rhythm of Film‘ that can be bought for £20).

It sounds to me as though Lemmy, on Bb whistle, is accompanied by banjo and babatoni (tea-chest bass). Whereas the banjo remains steady and Lemmy’s whistle is characteristically lyrical, the babatoni is positively acrobatic. And talking of things ‘positively’ – Adam Keelan from Positively Testcard had some more information about Geoffrey Jones and mentioned that Positively Testcard had made some recordings for him – but, presumably, still unreleased.

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