Come Back Africa

September 2013 This post was based upon an extended clip from the film that has been taken down due to copyright infringement. The copyright-holder’s own promotional video includes a very short segment right at the beginning that features the kwela band discussed here. In addition to being the film that really propelled a young Miriam… Continue reading Come Back Africa

Big Voice Jack Lerole on YouTube

Aaron “Big Voice Jack” Lerole was one of the most influential kwela stars and, in a revival of his popularity that is described in Keith Addison’s 1998 article ‘Return of the Big Voice‘, must have been one of the last of the originators to still be recording. The story of how Big Voice Jack ended… Continue reading Big Voice Jack Lerole on YouTube

Buskaid to play at BBC Proms

The City of Johannesburg website reports that the Buskaid Orchestra of Soweto will be performing as part of the BBC Proms in London on Sunday 15 July. Buskaid plays mainly classical music, with a fusion of classic pop and kwela. You can find out more about Buskaid in the Kwela Project’s post “Unite with the… Continue reading Buskaid to play at BBC Proms