OK, here we go: Welcome to the blog of the kwela project at www.kwela.co.uk. Take a look at About to find out more. Nothing much else to say now – I just want to start fixing up the blog and I need an initial post to be able to see my changes 😉

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  1. Hello Chris,

    this is not the first time I stumbled upon your site and I enjoyed it every time. Great Work!
    My interest in kwela is simply that the two songs of a 45rpm-record my parents owned linger through my childhood memories. It was a renault ad campaign in (somewhat) 2004 that made me (and my brother as well) look for that single at my parent’s place – but it’s gone. It was played by Elias & his Zig Zag Jive flutes and it was NOT “Tom Hark/RyRy”. I’m still looking for it, which makes me collect every piece of kwela I find.
    What interests me is the fact that this band doesn’t seem to play any role in samplers – be it “Something new in Africa” or “Pennywhistle – the magical Instrument of Africa”.
    Have you got any hint about the reason?

    Thanks in advance, Stephan

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